The Healing From Money Trauma Prayer

Here is another blessing of healing from money trauma.

Use this prayer to ask for Lady Fortuna’s help.

Lady Fortuna, thank you for the abundance that you have continued to provide for people. Due to your continuous support and blessings of financial abundance, many people have known scarcity or money-related famine. However, their relationship with money has not been the best lately in terms of management. They often exhibit some money-related behaviors that make me unworthy to be in your presence.

These behaviors have prevented them from enjoying the next-level financial abundance you have promised them. Many of them can trace the genesis of these weird money behaviors to experiences buried in the past. I pray for healing for those suffering from every form of trauma that is preventing them from tapping from the abundance you have prepared for them. I pray for healing from the habit of overspending that is preventing people from having worthy savings.

This habit of overspending is often engaged in as a coping mechanism from stress or dopamine release.  Lady Fortuna, on the other spectrum, are those who have the habit of underspending because of the trauma of having so little in the past. This trauma from scarcity has caused them to constantly live in fear of losing whatever money they have made. I pray for the courage and strength to defeat this spirit of fear in their lives.

I pray that henceforth, they’ll be free to spend the abundance you have blessed them with on activities that enrich their lives. This trauma has caused them to constantly withhold or save money out of fear or the manipulation of trauma. Please bless them with high self-esteem and the courage to believe in themselves and every one of their decisions.

In your name I pray

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