The Gratitude for Family Prayer

Here is another prayer if you’re thankful for all your family have done for you.

Use this prayer to show your gratitude to Lady Fortuna

Lady Fortuna, thank you for all that you have been doing for my family in terms of finances. Please forgive me for times that I’ve shown ungratefulness despite receiving much from you. Thank you for always reminding me that I can put my trust in you no matter the problems that come my way or that of my family. Thank you for providing my husband with a fantastic job.

A job whose financial rewards are more than enough to cater for the daily running of the family. Thank you because the job you have provided for him is the reason our children can attend the best schools. It is the reason we can afford to buy them the best clothes and afford the yearly vacations. There were times when the family struggled due to the sudden loss of employment of my husband which reduced the family income.

Thank you for giving me a supportive husband, parents, and friends. I want to especially thank you for gifting me and members of my family superb health because health-related issues can be a serious source of pain and debt for many families. I pray that the love that you planted in my family will never wither but continue to blossom.

In your name I pray

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