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Free-Gift SWIPES

Email #1

SUBJECT 1: Free Wealth Mp3 (Just Plug & Play!)
SUBJECT 2: FREE 7-minutes money meditation track
SUBJECT 3: BONUS: Money Meditation Mp3

Dear {!firstname_fix},

Because we appreciate you and we love you...

We have something incredibly special for you today!

Here's a 7-minute money meditation audio track for FREE!

It usually costs $21.95 but we got it covered for you!

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To your wealth and abundance!



Email #2

SUBJECT 1: Unexpected wealth
SUBJECT 2: (1) Unexpected gift
SUBJECT 3: Unexpected $ blessings

Dear {!firstname_fix},

You're about to INSTANTLY attract big money 😊 

You see, I've created a special 7-minute audio MP3 for you..

And I'd like you to take part in an simple test!

Just by listening to this special audio, it'll automatically "magnetize" you to attract unexpected money over the next few days.

A surprise check in the mail. An unexpected lotto win. A smart idea that lands you a small fortune.

All you have to do is LISTEN to the audio to "reprogram" your thoughts and magnetize your mind.

Wealth have never been SO easy.

Usually this audio is worth $21.95 -- but for you, it's F.O.C!

=> Click Here To Download Your Copy!



Email #3

SUBJECT 1: (LISTEN) Sound of wealth
SUBJECT 2: 7 minutes to 'magnetize' your money mind
SUBJECT 3: Attract Wealth in 7 Minutes!

Dear {!firstname_fix},

Do you agree with this old saying...

"Change your mind, change your life."

It's true! 

But the problem lies in people not knowing HOW to actually do it.

There are two ways you can go about it.

You can either meditate on years to come and maybe gain a little insight on how to think, act and live like the wealthy.


You can TAP into this 7-minute cutting edge wealth technology and let it do all the heavy lifting for you.

=> Click here to download your wealth track (FREE)

You can thank me later!



Short Email-Swipes

Email #1

SUBJECT 1: BREAKING: Everyone is Talking About This Weird “Money Prayer”
SUBJECT 2: People in The US Are Going Crazy Over This…
SUBJECT 3: People Are Talking About This (No, It’s Not The Elections)

Dear {!firstname_fix},

People all over the US are talking about this BRAND NEW and strange technique (INSERT LINK) for increasing wealth and aVracMng cold, hard cash!

Apparently, this proprietary method has helped an assistant librarian manifest at least $50,000 overnight and she is now telling everyone about it…

I guarantee it is unlike anything you’ve tried before.
>>> Go here to see what I mean. (INSERT LINK)


(optional) P.S. Hint: it has something to do with a certain prayer and a lady by
the name of Fortuna…


Email #2

SUBJECT 1: A Money Conspiracy…?
SUBJECT 2: Use This Money Prayer With Discretion
SUBJECT 3: You Can See Instant Spendable Cash, StarMng From TODAY!

Dear {!firstname_fix},

Something BIG is happening right now.

Financial institutions are scratching their heads because this UNUSUAL method is helping ordinary people like you and me ATTRACT MONEY like never before. (INSERT LINK)

…And they can do NOTHING at all (at least for now).

>>> Use this link before its too late. (INSERT LINK)


P.S. If the link expires, it means this “conspiracy” has been silenced. I hope not.
Hurry and see for yourself. (INSERT LINK)


Email #3 

SUBJECT 1: (URGENT) I Saw YOU in My Visions
SUBJECT 2: I Witnessed Something AMAZING Happening to You
SUBJECT 3: [[Firstname]], I Saw You BECOMING RICH in My Vision

Dear {!firstname_fix},

During my evening meditations, I wasn’t expecting this.

…The vivid image (INSERT LINK) I had led me no choice but to convey it directly to you.

It involves the GREATEST things you desire…

Coming to fruition.

The visions were SO CLEAR.

Your dream house…

Your financial status…

Your favorite vacation…

…They were all lived out by Y-O-U in the very near future.

But my intuition told me that you must do something today.

>>> Use this Proprietary Money Prayer to invite these blessings. (INSERT LINK)


Email #4

SUBJECT 1: The universe is on your side
SUBJECT 2: Lady Luck is here
SUBJECT 3:  Archaic prayer to manifest money

Dear {!firstname_fix},

These may be truly unsettling times especially with the COVID-19 situation.

The riots, the elections and the chaos going around…

Millions of people have lost their jobs and this may be you.


The universe wants you to know, that…

You are not forsaken!

=>> Discover the ancient money prayer that helped 11,047 others!

Times are hard, but the universe have NOT given up on you.

The more you should not give up on yourself.

=> Help is here!

Stay safe and take care.

Sign off
If you are seeing this now, it means that lady luck has come to your aid.
=> Click here to receive your blessings

Email #5

SUBJECT 1: Your Money Prayers Have Been Answered!
SUBJECT 2: Help is here!
SUBJECT 3: Your $ Miracle Has Arrived!


Dear {!firstname_fix},

If you’ve been struggling with money…

Today you shall be BLESSED! 

The lady of fortune has arrived and you are about to discover the prayer that will help you attract money and wealth into your life - starting from the next 24 hours!

=>> Find out how by clicking here!

“Lady Luck rewards those who try”

Sign off

Skeptical? I was too at first, not until I manifested my miracle cheque within 3 days!*
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Email #6

Subject 1: Weird Symbols Baffles Scientists and Experts Alike
Subject 2: (PROOF) An Ancient Money-Making Secret Revealed
Subject 3: Have A Look At This And Tell Me What It Means?


Dear {!firstname_fix},

Scientists and experts alike are now deeply researching this ancient symbol (INSERT LINK):

The person who learns its commands is said to be able to generate REAL money in the
quickest time possible.

>>> Click Here To Unlock Its Mystical Truth (INSERT LINK).


Medium Length Email-Swipes

Email #1

SUBJECT 1: What He Said Changed Her Life Forever… And For Good
SUBJECT 2: A special message from a random stranger…
SUBJECT 3: “You Need This More Than I do”

Dear {!firstname_fix},

If you are struggling with money, you need to read this (INSERT LINK)…

Do you believe in guardian angels?

Or maybe a chance meeting that turned out to be divinely appointed?

My friend Becky Grey, shared with me her story of how a random stranger…

…Change the trajectory of her life one evening.

You see, she was a struggling library assistant.

Shouldering a mountain of debts.

On top of her father’s medical bills and increasing rental costs, she was also cheated of her life’s savings.

…Money that she desperately needed.

Fueled by an overwhelming sense of hopelessness, she almost took her life.

As she told me her story, I can see tears of gratitude gently flow down her cheeks…

Gratitude toward this complete stranger who said something to her.

Perhaps you are going through the same situation?

Maybe you that extra $1000 to pay off your bills?

Read this if you are looking for a way out of your financial situation. (INSERT LINK)

What he said to her made complete sense.

…And guess what, Becky managed to turned her life around using what he
passed to her.

Not only that, it was pre[y much effortless on her part — just a li[le commitment and some faith.

Best of all, you can do the same for yourself with this simple money ritual.

Click Here To See What I Mean. (INSERT LINK)

(optional) P.S. Hint: it has something to do with a certain prayer and a lady by
the name of Fortuna…

Email #2

SUBJECT 1: Use this “bio-law” to generate money on demand
SUBJECT 2: Simple energy switch turns on your body’s “money-magnet”
SUBJECT 3: Potential Money in… 5 minutes?


Dear {!firstname_fix},

Maybe you are now trying to manifest a breakthrough in your financial situation…

Or Maybe you are trying to use the Law of Attraction to “attract” that lucrative job that you’ve applied to…

…And it doesn’t work.

Now, aaer invesNng so much Nme and effort into online courses and books, it sNll seem as though there isn’t light at the end of the tunnel.

I get it. (INSERT LINK)

Many people think that the art of manifestation is simply just wishing upon what one desires.

This is just one tiny part of the picture.

For a long time, people fail to understand that our bodies are vessels that store energy…

…Good and bad.

If you load this vessel up with negativity (bad stuff), you will run out of space for the good.
Worse of all, bad energy attracts negative events. 

And these events will eventually wear you down.

It’s a vicious cycle.

There is a better way to do things. (INSERT LINK)

To stop this and to see REAL results…

I’m talking about results that are tangible.

Ayyested by an ex-library assistant — who herself generated over $50,000 after
she did this.

Click here to see what I mean. (INSERT LINK)

Email #3

SUBJECT 1: This Vessel Will Change Your Life
SUBJECT 2: It all begins here
SUBJECT 3: The root of all manifestations begins here!


Dear {!firstname_fix},

Do you know that we live in the physical world and the non-physical world at ONCE?

The most powerful thing is…

… the non-physical world is the root of all manifestations!

In other worlds, everything BEGINS from there!

Becky discovered that each of us possess an energy vessel that can hold either good or bad

And it directly affects the results of what you manifest in the physical world.

For instance…

If you are having a lack of money, in debt, or always end up with a negative balance in your bank account?

Then your vessel is probably filled with bad energy.

=>> Learn how to remove bad energy so you can make space for positive experiences to come!

This powerful technique that Becky discovered enabled her to go from less than a $100 in her
bank account…

To manifesting over $50,000 overnight!*

Don’t believe a word I say...

=>> Go see for yourself

11,047 others have done it too.

Don’t miss it!

Talk soon
Sign Off

Email #4

Subject 1: Need Money?
Subject 2: This Strange Prayer Alters Your Money Brain Patterns
Subject 3: The Ancients Use This To Generate Money


Dear {!firstname_fix},

We are all bounded by our circumstances.

For some, it is always a life of bliss and prosperity…

But for others, like Becky Grey, it isn’t always the case.

>>> Click here to read how she turned $10 into $50,000 and how you CAN do the same for yourself. (INSERT LINK)

Being the sole breadwinner of her family after graduation…

You can immediately visualise that life isn’t a bed of roses.

On top of that, she has to pay her bedridden father’s hospital bills…

Her increasing rentals…

And even suffered the lost of her entire savings because of a poor decision.

Maybe you are in the same scenario…

Maybe your mounting debts are taking a toll on your health and sanity too.

And maybe, you already gave up hope.

Before you do so, I am sure Becky can understand.

>>> Give her a chance to tell you her story. (INSERT LINK)

You will discover how giving away one $10 bill help her clinch her first $50,000 cheque.

But more than that, you will also find out how she leverages a certain frequency to obtain all
these, without much effort…

…And WHY this pattern works — it all goes back to ancient times.

>>> Proven “Patterns” That Help You “Print” Cash-on-Demand. (INSERT LINK)


Email #5

Subject 1: Weird Commandments Cause Rapid Wealth Growth in Human Brain Patterns
Subject 2: LEAKED – The #1 Method To Instantly “Print” Cash-on-Demand
Subject 3: This Prayer From 55B.C. Changed Her Life…

Dear {!firstname_fix},

You can FEEL it don’t you?

Something big (INSERT LINK) is coming your way.

But you just don’t know what it is…

Let me assure you that it is something that is going to MIRACULOUSLY alter your life.

How do I know this?

You see, recently, I felt the same way about a friend.

I told her about it and true enough, she got back to me about a pattern shift — one that caused her to go from broke to literally 5-figures overnight.

Her story goes such that she encountered a strange man who revealed something precious to her.

A secret so deeply entwined in an ancient culture over 2000 years ago that if someone discover what it is, he or she will be “lucky” for a very long time.

I want you to be ready for this so I told her to prepare a message for you.

You really don’t want to miss this chance to find out what this proven “prayer” can do for you.

>>> Go Here To Find Out What I Mean


Long Email-Swipes

Email #1

Subject 1: Lady Fortuna Came To Her RESCUE
Subject 2: How $10 Changed Her Life… Forever
Subject 3: This Ex-Assistant Librarian Made $50,000… With Just $10


Dear {!firstname_fix},

My friend, Becky Grey, just shared with me how $10 changed the whole course of her life in just one day…

…And how it can do the EXACT same thing for you. (INSERT LINK)

No, it has nothing to do with any ponzi schemes.

And no, it has nothing to do with any multi-level marketing (MLM) gimmicks you see all over
the internet.

Before you come to your own conclusion, hear her out… this is her story.

Hi, Becky Grey here.

Before I begin, I want to express my gratitude to {insert_your_name} for allowing me to share my story.

I used to work as an assistant-librarian for a couple of years after my graduation.

The thing is, my life wasn’t the way I’d like it to be not because of my job but because of the circumstance I was in.

If your life, up yill now, has always felt like it can crumble under the weight of your burdens…

If you feel that you are plagued with the constant fear of not being able to put food on the table for your family…

Not being able to repay your compounding debts…

Trust me, I can totally understand.

You see, at that point of time, at just the tender age of 20  when kids are sYll fresh from college, preparing to travel the world before seyyling down as working adults…

I was already the sole breadwinner of my family.


My parents had separated since I was little.

My dad… he had been bed ridden for the past 5 years due to Cardiac arrhythmias.

I hate to admit this but life was hard. REALLY hard.

But this wasn’t the worse part.

As a “fresh-out-of-college” young adult, with liale-to-no experience of the real world…

I was prone to making irrational decisions.

And in case you get the wrong message, I am not blaming anyone here — it was my fault.

So, the to continue…

I met an old friend who got me into an investment which not only did not bear any fruit…

But caused me to lose ALMOST my entire life’s savings…

Savings which were meant to fund my emergencies…

My dad’s hospital bills…

My increasing rent.

I didn’t just lose those things, I almost lost my sanity.

Now, do you believe in guardian angels or precession… or universal alignments (however they call it)?

Mine? I call it Lady Fortuna.

Here’s the thing…

When I was at my wits’ end, ready to end it all…

Someone told me (and passed me) something that altered the trajectory of my life FOREVER. (INSERT LINK)

I also realised the next day that the miracle I’m about to receive has ALOT to do with the $10 I gave away — even though I literally only had $100 for myself and my family.

To cut the long story short…

I saw my first cheque of $50,000 come through the mailbox because of another friend this time.

And the best part is, I learned that people who manifest abundance, wealth and prosperity effortlessly, are usually to a completely different frequency.

It all starts with understanding how by switching this frequency, like tuning into a different radio channel, one can actually become immerse in and activate whatever the frequency attracts.

Because a high-level frequency will bring the money to you…
But a low-one will hold it back.

>>> Start by using these effective “Money Prayers”. (INSERT LINK)

With Love and Gratitude,
Becky Grey

P.S. If they work for me, they can work for you.
May you will be blessed by these prayers. (INSERT LINK)

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