How I INADVERTENTLY stumbled upon this PROVEN MYSTICAL prayer from 55 bc that banished my debts and unleashed the kingdoms of wealth, Salvation and relentless abundance into my life!

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My dear,

Do you believe in this saying?

“Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot.”

You see, if you are here reading this right now, it means that you are meant to receive help right away.

These are truly unsettling times.

Especially with the Covid-19 situation.

And everyone is affected somehow.

Perhaps you are going through a very difficult moment of your life right now.

Problems like…

Insurmountable debts.

Unexpected bills and expenses that keeps popping up.

Constant fights and arguments with your spouse about money.

An angry landlord who’s chasing after your rental payments…

Credit card bills and companies that keeps calling your cell phone and even WORST.

You've been so conditioned to anticipate a call from them!

Regardless of the financial burdens you are facing…

I want you to know, that everything is about to be REVERSED!

“I know you’re tired but come, this is the way.” - Rumi

Yes, you read it right!

The good news is…

Despite having all these problems, the universe is actually on your side!

And you're about to find out why in just a minute.

No matter your struggles, your persistent pains, worries and head-throbbing frustrations that keep you from having a restful sleep at night, the universe has directed you to this very moment right now.

The moment that will allow you to be BLESSED with an ancient secret that will unleash the kingdom of wealth, richness and floodgates of abundance into your life.

The moment that will allow you to manifest real spendable cash into your life starting within the next 24 hours.

In fact, I want to say this.

I admire you.

I admire you and I respect you for being so strong mentally and emotionally up til this point!

It has definitely not been an easy road for you but yet you persisted and carried on.

This act of courage has been ACKNOWLEDGED by the universe.

Which is why the universe has come to your aid today.

To reward you with a life-changing, powerful ancient secret that wealthy people have been using since 55 b.c.

“If you get tired, learn to rest not quit.”

Now, I know that you are EAGER to find out more, but before that.

Let me ask you a QUICK question.

How would your overall emotional state of life become…

If you are constantly able to maintain a HUGE positive balance in your bank account at the end of month?

How would it feel, if you are able to order food from the left side of the menu instead of the right?

And most incredibly, how would life look like if you are able to be COMPLETELY free from any and all financial debts, worries and anxieties that have been bothering you for the longest time.

My friend, like it or not, this will become your NEW reality once you start applying this archaic secret.

In FACT, it will become something that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Now, It may seem far-fetched or even impossible to you right now, but I implore you to keep an open mind.

“Because if your mind is closed, nothing good can enter.”

Hi, my name is Becky Grey.

You see, I wasn’t born a silver spoon, got lucky or inherited a large sum of money.

The truth is… I was once in your position, if not worse.

I was the last person that my friends would EVER think made it when it comes to money!

I'm serious!

It always feels hopeless, out of control and stressful to me whenever it comes to money.

And it had haunted me for YEARS.

Ever since graduating a couple of years ago, I have been working 6 days a week as an assistant librarian.

I wasn’t making more than $1900 a month and I had barely enough to pay the rent and the hospital bills for my dad.

The thing is…

I was the sole breadwinner of my family.

My parents had separated when I was little.

And my dad, who single handedly raised me ended up bed ridden for the past 5 years due to bad health.

The doctors said it was Cardiac arrhythmias.

A condition that causes irregular heartbeat, and sometimes a sudden drop in blood pressure which can lead to stroke, unconsciousness and even cardiac arrest.

Due to this, he was frequently admitted to the hospital.

This also meant that I had to save up every possible dollar and get FINANCIALLY ready when it happens.

Life was hard…

In fact, it was a mess.

Day after day, it would be work, home, repeat.

A vicious cycle that drains my passion and enthusiasm for life increasingly as each day passes by.

At that point in time, all I could ever think of, is how to make more money so that I'll never have worry about the hospitals and expenses ever again.

I guess you could say that I had 'no life' because having a hobby, interest or passion would be an ABSOLUTE luxury which I could never afford back then.

One day, as I was going home from work, I had bumped into my oldest friend back from junior high.

But here's the shocker.

I was the pedestrian and she was the driver in a hot smoking open roofed BMW.

“Becky!!! Hiiiii!!” 

Lira waves frantically!

As the traffic light began to turn red, she pointed at the cafe just beside the road, and asked to meet there in a minute.


Before I could complete my sentence, she drove off to find a parking spot.

Feelings of embarrassment and shame began to rise.

I didn't know how to share with her about my current situation,

Nevertheless, it had been almost 8 years since we last saw each other!

And, of course I would be SUPER curious to find out what Lira was up to.

You see, the thing is.

Lira's family was not well to do.

But the image of her sitting inside a smoking hot BMW, just intrigued me even more!

I later found out that Lira have been working at a wealth management company and she has successful helped hundreds of clients to grow their wealth.

Naturally, as her clients wealth grows, so does her income.

Long story short?

I picked up the courage to share with her about my situation, because all I could think about was to get out of this financial hell hole.

In a split second, Lira managed to derive a plan that makes complete sense.

Most importantly, her enthusiasm was INFECTIOUS.

She even made a call right away to connect me with her banker to get the loan approved.

It’s almost like she had done it for a thousand times!

Everything was just so smooth and according to plan.

And it was DONE.

I ended up investing $10,000 with high hopes. (Using the loan of course.)

Week after week, I anticipated the check from Lira’s firm.

One month had passed.

There was no news.

Two months had passed.

Again, nothing.

With the additional interest that was creeping in from the loan I took, I was losing hope very quickly.

My heart was filled with fear.

And one day, my worst nightmare came true.

Lira called and told me, “Hey Becky, look. There had been some delays in the investment. There’s nothing we can do now except to wait for it.”

At that moment, all I could feel was, guilt, shame, and regret.

"How could I have been so stupid! " I thought to myself.

Instead of making the situation better, I'm making it WORST!

“Gosh! I can’t believe it!”

Little did I know, this was JUST the beginning.

The worst has yet to come.

My stubborn landlord INSISTED on increasing the rental.

And due to the new prescriptions of drugs given to my dad, the medical bills too increased!

After paying the bills, the money left in my bank account was $96.70. Slightly below a hundred bucks.

My next salary comes in 2 weeks.

In 14 days!!!!

“What am I going to do!?”

The only thing I could do think of, to salvage my situation was to request for overtime work.

Every night, I slept with a tired and worried mind, not knowing when we would be evicted out onto the cruel streets.

The next day during lunch, I was being called into my boss' office.

With the high hopes of being offered for extra work hours, I kept my chin up high.

Only to be greeted back with the worst thing that could ever happen.

I was fired.

No explanations. Nothing.

Feeling speechless and in despair, I packed up and left earlier that day.

Suddenly, I received a call.

It was from the hospital.

My dad had been admitted once again…

At that point in time, no matter how bad I felt, I had to bury all the overwhelming emotions and rush down to the hospital.

I have to be there for dad.”

Hours later, as his condition stabilized, I entered the ward and set beside my father’s bed.

Looking at his face with tubes inserted everywhere. I couldn’t help myself but to break down into tears…

I just held his hand and cried…

All the emotions that I have buried, had resurfaced…

At that point in time, I really wanted to give up.

I wanted to ESCAPE from everything.

“People cry not because they are weak. It’s because they’ve been strong for too long.”

(In my heart, I prayed for a miracle. Why do I have to go through this? Please help me… anyone… Help me end this pain and suffering.)

I was so exhausted mentally and emotionally, I cried to sleep, lying by the edge of father’s bed.

Only to wake up a few hours later, looking and feeling horrible, with smudged mascara all over my face, I left the ward to get some fresh air.

It was 9pm.

Fueled by overwhelming stress, sadness and hopelessness.

With ZERO support from anyone I know, I began to feel that all of these is just meant to be.

I ended up at the hospital rooftop, and there I was glancing down.

Contemplating to take my life.

In my mind, I thought that this is the end.

This would end everything...

... Tonight.

As I closed my eyes and leaned forward.

A strong gush of cold wind blew past me...

I heard the words.


It was as though the universe was telling me NOT to do it.

I took a step back.

Feeling shocked yet relieved...

... I opened my eyes to realize how foolish I could have been if I were to take that plunge.

As I was sitting at the cafeteria, reflecting what I have just done...

A voice reached out to me.

“May I sit?”

A senior looking man asked.

I looked around and realised that everywhere else was full.

I replied, “oh yeah sure.”

Little did I know, that what he was about to say next, would CHANGE the trajectory of my entire life FOREVER.

“Well, not long ago, I was going through an impossible debt, but Lady Fortuna took it away.”

‘Wait… WHAT?! How did he know what I was going through? Why did he talk about money? Who is Lady Fortuna? I didn't even know who he is.’

But one thing for sure? He caught my attention.

And believe it or not, he went on to share how he managed to get out of his million dollar debt and manifested over $200,000 EXTRA in just a few short months using an ancient script of money prayers.

His name was Mr Jones.

At first I was skeptical, but as the conversation went on, it felt that we had known each other for years. He was genuinely having a conversation with me, as though he knew what I was going through. Trying to console me at the same time.

He continued to share with me, that our our energetic body is just like a vessel.

That it can only hold so much.

If you fill it up with bad stuff, there’s no room for the good stuff to enter.

Have you heard of this saying “Like attracts like?”

If all you have is bad energy, then what you will attract is more negative events into your life.

“Now, close your eyes for a bit.”

He proceeded to ask me to listen to his voice for the next few minutes.

After which, he was done.

I opened my eyes feeling REFRESHED and a gentle wave of relief washed past me.

The weight on my shoulders were elevated… As though all the negativity, stress and worries were lifted off of me.

It was the LIGHTEST I could have felt in months!

I couldn’t believe it!

Before Mr Jones left, he took out a few pieces of old folded papers from his jacket and held it in my hand.

“Here, you need this more I do.” He said.

"Go home, read it before you go to bed and do the same for the next 7 days.

Watch what happens."

He smiled and left.


Have you ever felt HOPE when you were at the lowest of your life?

That was the feeling of salvation I had gotten from Mr Jones. It was warm and assuring, as though the world hasn’t completely given up on you…

And kindness has its way of inspiring people.

As I made my way home, I saw a homeless man with his puppy out on the cold streets.

Feeling sympathetic, I gave him a $10 bill knowing that I only had $90 left.

I told him, “You need this more than I do.”

Believe it or not, it felt great to give!

Above all, I was looking forward to try out what Mr Jones had given me.

As soon I reached home, I opened the pieces of folded paper.

It had said, “Fortuna Money Prayers", and a list of prayers within it.

I read the first one and went to bed, not knowing what to expect.

Despite having all the odds against me, that night, I had the best sleep in months to come.

The next morning, I opened my mailbox and as usual, it was filled with bills after bills.

I had submitted to fate that we will probably get evicted and become homeless somehow.

But I realized a letter which was rather different.

It wasn’t from any billing organization.

To my surprise, I opened it and it was from an ex-colleague who had quit her job and went on to start her own business.

In the letter, she thanked me for connecting her with a friend of mine Alice, which had eventually made them business partners and enabled them to successfully launch their business together.

The best part? They managed to make 7 figures in their first year of business!

Feeling happy and rather envious of them, I realized here was a second slip of paper inside of the letter.

As I slowly pulled it out, it saw my name on it and the words that says “fifty-thousand…”

Oh. My. God.

It was a cheque!

Becky Grey,
Fifty-Thousand Dollars Only.

My jaw dropped, as though I had just seen god in real life!

Unable to process what just happened…

I burst into tears of gratitude.

This amount of money is enough for the months ahead! Even probably the entire year or so!

I felt a HUGE sense of relief, as though the entire situation got COMPLETELY REVERSED!

See, what I found out next, was very interesting.

Lady Fortuna did come to my rescue.

You see, in the ancient times as early as 55 BC, people prayed to Lady Fortuna (Goddess Tyche) for wealth, luck, fortune and favours.

People believed that Lady Fortuna has the power to decide or even ‘REVERSE’ ones fate.

However, there were certain rules on how it would work.

As I went back to open the folded pieces of paper Mr Jones had given me, I realized there was a list of commandments and the first one had said.

“Give and you shall receive.”

Give and you shall receive… hmmm.


Thinking back, I DID give away a $10 bill even though I had less than $100 left in my bank account.

The 2nd commandment goes…

Lady Fortuna rewards those who tries.

Despite having the odds in my favour, I DID try to find ways to make it work. One thing for sure, I didn’t just sit there and do nothing.

And there were more…

Most importantly, the only thing I could think of right now, is to share the good news with my father, and give Mr Jones a call.

Once again, we met at the cafe.

Mr Jones was really happy that it worked for me and went on to share the science behind it.

You see, everything is made up of vibrations and frequencies. And like I mentioned before, like attracts like.”

Just like a radio wave.

If you are tuned into a certain frequency, you will immerse yourself in it and attract whatever is in that frequency.

He also mentioned that when a person is in distress or any misfortune, that the person is stuck in a low level frequency.

Just like I was awhile ago. Perhaps if you reading this right now, you are too, stuck in a low level frequency and having a hard time getting out of it.

Mr Jones also explained that people who manifest abundance, wealth and prosperity effortlessly are usually attuned to a completely different frequency, in other words, 528hz.

528hz is known as the miracle frequency.

High vibrational states such as abundance, prosperity, wealth, bliss, good luck, love all lies within that frequency.

In fact, that’s also where the Lady Fortuna resides as well.

When you listen to it daily, you are putting yourself instantly a state of bliss, abundance, and wealth, blending in with the prayers making it like a money-magnet on STEROIDS!

That is only one aspect to it.” Said Mr jones.

“The prayers and the commandments are meant to raise your frequency.

But before you can start receiving the blessings, I also had to make sure that your vessel is cleansed. That's why I needed you to close your eyes and listen to my voice the other time. I had to get your energetic vessel cleansed before you starting using the prayers.

Continue reciting the prayers diligently and you shall have more.

Remember, Lady Fortuna rewards those who try!

Money, wealth and abundance doesn’t just land on anyone’s feet. One must be able to to take action in order to gain Lady Fortuna attention."

"Also, promise me one thing, when you are done with it, pass it on to someone who is willing to help themselves", said Mr Jones.

And blessed be the name of Lady Fortuna! Ever since that coffee session with Mr Jones, I have been able to manifest an extra $160,400 into my life in just a short couple of months!

The hospital bills and my dad’s treatments were fully taken care of. His condition even improved GREATLY because of the quality treatments he’s been receiving.

Also, do you remember my friend Lira?

The investment worked out in the end and I’ve been collecting cheques month after month like clockwork!

The best part is, I was able to start my favorite thing in the world.

A small pet grooming business.

See, I have always loved pets and wanted to spend more time taking care of animals.

But all these is only possible because of the ancient money prayers that was given to me.

More importantly, it all began with the willingness to try.

The willingness to give.

After the last meeting with Mr Jones, he had mysteriously remained uncontactable.

It is as though he was sent by the Lady Fortuna herself.

Nevertheless, I will always be eternally grateful for him.

And the words that he said, To pass it on to someone who is willing to help themselves will always be on my mind.

Since then, it has been my mission to spread the miracle of Lady Fortunas' prayers to help 1 million people around the world to eliminate their financial problems once and for all.

Up to date, more than 11,047 have made money just by following the system! And this is just the beginning!

Here are some of my successful users!

"This is NowNow is, all there is. Don't wait for Then; strike the spark, light the fire." - Rumi

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Introducing Fortuna Money Prayers!

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Once you stop listening to it, so does the manifestation stops working.

To solve the problem, I have created this simple 7 days Fortuna Hymns, which will allow you to deeply entrain the feelings of gratitude, love and abundance into every cell in your body.

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You see, the works of Lady Fortuna has helped thousands of people around me, and you now have the chance to make this ancient secret work for you too!

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$37 in exchange for a life time of financial blessings!

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If you’ve used it and for some rare scenario that it didn’t work for you, just write me an email and I’ll send you your money back.

“It’s your road, and yours alone, others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.”

I want you to know that even the toughest times can come to past.

And I hope that Fortuna Prayers will be part of your salvation and the way out.

Still thinking about it?

Sure, you’ll be able to find prayers and bits and pieces of information over the internet. But right now, we are no longer in the information age. We live in a dis-information age, where we can constantly bombarded by things that we don’t know if it is true.

You can spend hours upon hours of time trying to figure out whether the bits and pieces of information works.

But if you are like me, you agree that our time is far more valuable than money.

I have condensed all the information which has been PROVEN TO WORK for 11,047 other smart people for just $37 today.

So if you are ready to BEGIN manifesting your TRUE DESERVED life filled with wealth, fortune and favors?

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So if you are ready to….

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See you on the other side!

Becky Grey,
All the love, all the wealth

"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray."

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