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Life Doesn't Come With Second Chances . . . 

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Hi, Becky Grey again.... Congratulations for taking your first, and most important step... 
to a happier and more rewarding life that’s filled to the brim with the deeper love and abundance you crave!

I’m so excited for you!

I'm thrilled to be part of the incredible and exciting changes and new abundance you are to experience and will soon appear in your life :-)

With my guidance… You’ll begin manifesting MORE love, MORE prosperity and MORE happiness into your life… and it all starts today!

I want you to understand... 
just how close to your dreams you are now.

But first, there's one thing YOU MUST KNOW.
You see, there are two groups of people in the world.

The first group are people who ‘wish’ for things to happen and ‘do nothing’ about it…
except complain to everyone how they are ‘never ‘lucky enough’ to get what they want out of life.

The second group of people (the wildly successful group) are the ones who make getting what they want out of life look easy)... and they are people who know how to ‘make their own luck.

They know the secrets of abundance and how to use their own PERSONAL POWER
to TAKE DECISIVE ACTION towards actually getting what they long for and dream!

I know for a fact... 
You are one of those 'lucky people' who has the courage and takes decisive action!

“Lady Fortune Rewards... Smart People Like You . . .
People who have the Courage to take Action”

I'm so proud of you...
I'm proud of your courage to find out MORE about how to discover and use your own personal power!

I've always believed in using my personal power to take me to a higher level.
And that's why it is so important you read what I have to say.

No matter what your dream is, you can make it your reality when you master this critical life skill.
You'll be able to more easily move in the direction o your dreams - in just minutes a day.

Imagine how you'll feel right after you are freed from the prison of your fears!

You'll clearly see how all areas of your life are more exciting and entirely new!

Your Relationships.

Your Health.

Your Success.

Your Career.

Your new and Incredible Successes!

You'll be stunned... by just how high you can climb!
(That is, once you know how to avoid those things and the words of judgement from the negative people that are holding you back from getting what you want and need to be happy in your life.)

But sadly, the fact is many people tell me they feel powerless to change anything in their lives.

They feel subject to the whims of others - the bills from credit card companies, pleasing their Boss and coworkers, getting their parent's approval, meeting their partner's demands - the list is long and goes on and on.

For most people . . . using their personal power to change anything seems like a pipe dream.
But your life doesn't have to be that way.

I want you to know a vital truth about how
you're being held back and how to overcome it.

The Law of The Universe states . . . "We are either GROWING, or we are dying!"

Once I knew about this Universal Law it made me face a big problem with my own ability to manifest . . . so I'll be honest with you.

I was scared I would fail or mess it up.

I didn't want to start sliding backward after seeing the new changes start to appear in my life.

I wanted to manifest more wealth . . . I wanted to get a bigger raise and see bigger checks appear in my life at every payroll. I wanted to start a side business and make even more easy money!

By now you know, I was wildly successful!

And I want to share all that with you, so please continue reading to find out more about how you can easily do the same. 

I'll admit that over the last few years of sharing Fortuna Money Prayers with thousands of people, I was thrilled to receive emails and warm personal letters from my new members . . .

I was excited to read how the prayers had significantly changed their lives for the better.
Some of the people who had written to me were more easily able to manifest MORE than others.

And some people . . . were unable to manifest
BEYOND a certain amount. That troubled me..

Thinking deeply about all I'd learned about manifesting and desperately wanting to help all my members so they could have all the abundance they could handle . . .

The sad truth came to me.

In my heart I knew I was missing something.

I thought back to what Mr. Jones had said to me . . .
“Our energetic body is like a vessel.”
And the bigger your wealth vessel is, the more money you’ll be able to attract into your life.

OK, that made a lot more sense to me now.

The people who had written to me were stuck at a certain level with their manifesting - they had a big self-confidence problem.

They didn't believe they deserved all this abundance!

My work on my Fortuna Money Prayers was not finished.

It was time for me to create something new and exciting that worked to help them overcome this big self-confidence problem.

As crazy as it may sound to you right now . . . I knew I needed to give them the self-confidence they lacked and desperately needed to overcome this feeling of being UNWORTHY!

So I went back to work on the Fortuna Money Prayers program.

I created new and exciting modules for The Fortuna Money Prayers program to help bring people who felt a little unworthy to bring their self-love and self-esteem up to the NEXT level.

And right now, the good news for you is . . .

I've spent months and months of extensive research into why anyone could have problems with unworthiness and problems with self-love. . . 

And I spent countless hours of my own personal love and devotion to create new modules to help people become the absolute BEST they could be . . .

Finally, after spending tens of thousands of dollars for intensive experimentation . . .

And because I needed ABSOLUTE PROOF these new modules would work for all those people who were a little stuck . . . and needed more quality help with guidance accepting and deserving their new abundance . . .

The Fortuna Midas touch Was BORN!
And The Comments say. . . People are LOVING IT!

The Fortuna Money Prayers - Midas Touch Program is custom designed and created for anyone who wants a little more help to consciously expand their "wealth vessel".

Nothing is left to chance you absolutely cannot mess this up!

The Midas Touch Program takes you buy the hand and walks you through a FULL 8 WEEKS of manifesting!

The Midas Touch program is fool-proof!

You never have to worry or think about what to do.

Each day you follow a simple and fun program to speed you on your way to more easily manifesting and removing your blocks to accepting abundance!

And even I am amazed at the incredible results . . .

Please read on to see how the new members of the Midas Touch program have effortlessly banished their fears of being unworthy… They are so happy to be filled with new feelings of acceptance and enjoying their new abundance!

Some of them quit the job they hated and switched careers and built their own online business!

Just like…Tristan and Marrisa Jones!

"This is the ONLY THING that worked for us!
We're making $5 Figures a month!"

"The Midas Touch Program helped me manifest an extra $4,000 a month. 
It definitely changed my life!"

Remember  . . . The Midas touch program takes you by the hand
and walks you through a FULL 8 WEEKS of SUPERCHARGED manifesting!

Introducing ...
Fortuna Money Prayers - 

A Powerful ADD-ON which includes a 8 Weeks-Wealth transformation program!

Never Before Has It Been This Simple To Achieve Your Every Dream.
You Get A FULL 8 Week Guided Wealth Program In
Easy To Follow Steps that takes just minutes a day!


The Midas touch - All Starts With Your Guided 8 Week
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Listening to The Midas Touch Will Give You Access to the Incredible Personal Power To Change Your Life...

The revolutionary technology in the 432 hz and the 582 hz frequencies has helped thousands of people accomplish their goals and significantly improve their lives by reading a short affirmation and listening to a relaxing audio to “imprint” acceptance of abundance.

The Midas Touch Gives You
The Expert Guidance You Need!

Wealth Vessel Expansion 8 Weeks Manuals

Once you start using this manual, you will love how everything is simplified. 
You will have absolutely no worries about what to do each day with this program. I've kept it really simple, fast and easy so anyone can get incredible results!

"Get The Midas Touch"
Tap into Your Limitless Abundance!
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"Wealth Vessel Expansion Program..."
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Now You Get Even MORE Expert Guidance . . .

From the months and months of research . . . An ancient secret arises . . .

Babylonian Money Secrets

The Babylonian secrets that citizens used to accumulate their wealth in the ancient times. Most financial books have been revised over time by adding extensive research that is difficult to grasp. 
That brought me to realise that the ROOT of becoming proficient at managing money is derived from the teachings of the ancient city of Babylon.

I’ve compiled all the golden secrets within this book which you can IMMEDIATELY apply and witness positive results with your money. - GUARANTEED!

You'll enjoy . . . . A sweet gift bonus made with love.

This book is in digital format

Babylonian Money Secrets Planner

Wouldn’t you love to have a Money planner to document your journey towards unlimited richest?

Simply by using this Money Planner every day you'll be amazed by your abundance and prosperity!

You may have priced memberships to exclusive money coaches' or get rich seminars charging anywhere from $2,997 - $9,997.

You can save all that expense!
Just download and use this Money Secrets Planner!

This book is in digital format

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FORTUNA WEALTH BLESSINGS - Embed With 888Hz Property Frequency - 
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Just like The Fortuna Luck Blessings…

The Fortuna Wealth Blessings is an audio you can listen to that’s professionally designed and embedded with 888hz (prosperity frequency).

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Want to find a new job?

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Subliminal POWERFUL Money Beliefs

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Growing up as a child we are conditioned with our parent’s beliefs about money, which can force us tohave a money problem with a ‘lack of money belief’.

This negative belief about having enough money can actually prevent us from getting and keeping the money we manifest.

Negative thoughts about money affects our prosperityand subconsciously affects our finances.

This audio track will help you install new, more POWERFUL money beliefs to help you manifest even your wildest dreams.  (It’s rated 5 stars from 9,471 ofour members, they say it’s a GEM!)

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It’s exciting to take a peek at the knowledge that’s helped Millionaires in these timeless audiobook classics!


Sit back and relax and listen as you hear the inside secrets to manifesting unlimited prosperity from some of the world’s most wealthy people. 


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Are you experiencing money problems and finding it hard to stick to a budget?

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This 6-part series Audiobook will give you valuable insights on reducing your expenses and finding your inner ability to achieve your biggest goals!

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Recondition your mind to a wealthy mindset.

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Want To Know How To Get
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I'm glad you asked!

STEP 1: Start by reading Babylonian Money Secrets. Use the FREE Secrets Planner to document your realizations. All it takes is 5 minutes a day and it's extremely easy to do!


STEP 2: Begin with Wealth Vessel Expansion Week 1! Read the daily reading and listen to the relaxing audio to effortlessly program into your subconscious new wealth and abundance!


STEP 3: At any time, when you need a quick boost of luck or wealth, just listen to the BONUS Audio from Fortuna Luck Blessings and Fortuna Wealth Blessings. 


STEP 4: Don't forget to use the other BONUSES included! They can be easily consumed and will help you to skyrocket your wealth attraction.


STEP 5: When travelling or commuting to work, you may listen to the budgeting strategies or the millionaire mindset audiobook! Turn your car’s player (or your cell phone) into a learning machine! Or when relaxing at home listen to the audios with your earphones and start feeding your entrepreneur mind!

The Midas Touch is the perfect Manifestation Program you’ve been looking for. Once you use it, you’ll agree this is the missing piece of the puzzle to getting the dream life and abundance you’ve always wanted!

Imagine… Tripling the money in your bank account in the next 8 weeks…
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It’s all up to you!

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