The Good Luck Prayer
Here is another blessing for good luck. Due to no fault of ours, we might be experiencing series of bad lucks in our jobs, businesses or life in general
Use this prayer to ask for Lady Fortuna’s help.
Lady Fortuna, over the past few years of my life, it seems that anything I invest my time and effort on has been destined to fail from the start. I can no longer shoulder the burden that has been placed upon me by bad luck. Please change my status from bad luck to good luck. The series of bad luck-infested events that have come upon me is beginning to overcome me, and I fear that I will succumb to these pressures if you don’t come to my rescue. Please bless me so that anything I invest my skills, effort, and time on will blossom. Unlike the flowers who have particular seasons where they blossom, I want your blessings over my life to know no bounds or seasons. I want all my businesses and investments to blossom and be fruitful regardless of the economic situation of the country is.
In your name I pray
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