The Financial Wisdom Prayer

Here is another blessing for financial wisdom. 

Use this prayer to ask for Lady Fortuna’s help.

Lady Fortuna, I come before you on behalf of my daughter who just graduated and is already on to her first job. Thank you for blessing her with a job immediately after university. I’m thankful that her situation is not like others who had to wait a long time to get a job. I’m thankful that she has the opportunity to build a financially stable and abundant future.

I’m thankful that she made the right decision to take student loans for a course/degree that would bring great financial reward. I pray that the job you have blessed her with brings her joy and fulfillment. I pray that the job will be the beginning of continuous abundance in her life. I pray that every decision she takes in her job will lead to greater financial opportunities. I pray that the job will be a stepping stone to an illustrious career.

I know it’s common for people to make money mistakes when they’re young, especially as a young graduate – without dependencies or family obligations making more than enough money. Please bless her with the knowledge and understanding to invest her money wisely in income-generating assets. Bless her with the knowledge to differentiate between liabilities and assets no matter how similar they might appear.

Please rid her of the habit of overspending, and bless her with friends who are also free from such habits.  I pray that you bless her with the initiative and restraint to create and stick to a budget when making expenses. Please bless her with the knowledge to save more than she spends on her needs or wants. 

In your name I pray

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