The Prayer for Peace in my Country and the World

Here is another blessing for those who want peace to reign in their country

Use this pray to ask for Lady Fortuna’s help

Lady Fortuna, I know that as humans, we have overestimated the prosperity that a stable and peaceful country brings. It is in times of peace that the economy booms the most. It is in time of peace that we’re able to rip the financial abundance that you’ve blessed us with. It is in time of peace that we’re able to share and enjoy the love of friends and family.

It is in time of peace that we’re able to witness the upward progression of our careers and watch our children gradually grow as they move from nursery to college. It is because of the limitless benefits of peace that I’ve come to you to pray that the peace that you’ve established in this country will never cease. I pray that you give our leaders the courage and strength to always pursue peace in their dealings with one another, and with members of other countries.

Please give them the courage to swallow their ego whenever peace talks are ongoing. Give them the courage to consider and agree to concessions or middle grounds that encourage peace. I pray that you give the leaders that support peace the biggest voice in the room. I pray that people who encourage peace would be found in critical places where decisions are made. I pray for an end to the instability that is currently devastating countries around the world.

In your name I pray

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