The Call for Justice Prayer

Here is another blessing for those who are tired of the injustice in their country.

Use this pray to ask for Lady Fortuna’s help

Lady Fortuna, I come before you to ask for your intervention in the justice system of this country. The rightful administration (or unjust administration) of justice affects all aspects of our lives as humans. The level of injustice in this country has caused so many innocent individuals to be sent to prison while the guilty roam around free. It has caused many honest businessmen to be cheated out of their profit with no repercussion on the dishonest businessmen.

The current state of the justice system in this country has an “unwritten” rule that the rich always end up on the good side of justice. I pray for courage and strength for our judges so that they’ll be able to resist any form of corruption or bullying aimed at perverting the course of justice. Give them the knowledge, understanding, and discernment to make the right decision when cases are heard in courts.

Give them the discernment to quickly spot false testimonies aimed at deceiving the court system. Please them with your just temperament so that they can temper justice with mercy in cases where the offense is minor. Give them the grace to look beyond economic or social status, wealth, and race when administering justice.  In many cases (especially criminal cases), ordinary members of society are picked to form a jury. And just as judges are susceptible to bullying and bribes, so also are members of the jury.

I pray that you bless these “ordinary citizens” with the strength, courage, and contentment to resist all forms of enticing bribes. Please bless them with understanding so that they can all rightfully agree on decisions that would send evil and wicked people to prison.

In your name I pray

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