The End to Gambling Addiction Prayer

Here is another blessing that will help you break the hold of gambling over your life.

Use this prayer to ask for Lady Fortuna’s help.

Lady Fortuna, I think it’s time I put my ego and shame aside so I can get the help I need from you. I’ve been struggling with a terrible gambling addiction that has affected practically every aspect of my once lovely and problem-free life. My friends have stopped hanging out with me because they can no longer tolerate the chaos I bring into their own lives.

Dear Lady Fortuna, I plead with you to give me the courage and strength to face and defeat this monster called gambling that has caused so much pain and disruption in my life. I pray that I’ll respond positively to any form of treatment that I’ll be getting from my therapist. I pray for wisdom that comes from you alone for the therapist. Give me the courage to stay away from environments and friends that wants to keep me addicted to gambling.

Please remove from my life all the friends who have negatively contributed to my addiction to gambling. Please give me the strength to get rid of behaviors of mine such as greed, laziness, or “get-rich-quick” spirit which I’m sure are some of the remote causes of my addiction.

In your name I pray

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