The Call for an End to Overthinking Prayer

Here is another blessing for those who are tired of suffering from overthinking

Use this pray to ask for Lady Fortuna’s help

Lady Fortuna, I’m deeply troubled. I’m no longer the happy, calm, and cheerful person I used to be. I’m tired of consistently answering “what’s wrong” questions from my family and friends. My problem is that I overthink. And this has led to waves of sadness, worry, anxiety, and depression. I’m tired of making up – in my head – scenarios that may never come. Every little discomfort I face in my life, whether in my relationships or workplace leads to another round of thinking about how I’m the unluckiest person in the world.

Please bless me with your resilience so that I’ll not give up or feel defeated anytime I face a little discomfort. Bless me with clarity so that I can understand that every event that happens in my life happens with your knowledge and approval. I pray for the understanding and memory to always remember that I have you as my protector and provider. The economic realities and intermittent financial famine I face largely contribute to the overthinking I suffer from.

I always find it difficult to stay calm whenever I go through moments of financial difficulty due to the pressures from bills that need paying. I pray for your comfort to always remember that my abundance comes from you. I pray for the calmness and courage to always remember that any struggle I face is only meant to prepare me for the abundance you have prepared for me.

In your name I pray

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