The Job Seekers Prayer

Here is another blessing for those who are currently in search of employment

Use this pray to ask for Lady Fortuna’s help

Lady Fortuna, I come before you today to offer prayers on behalf of job seekers in my country. I know that things have not been easy over the past few years as many jobs were wiped out due to the COVID-19 pandemic that resulted in many countries locking down. I know it’s not easy being out of a job because I was once in that situation until you came to my aid. Being unemployed doesn’t mean that bills will cease to show up at the end of every month.

Being unemployed can lead to several emotional and psychological health issues worry, anxiety, sadness, and depression due to the increased pressure of unmet bills. This is exacerbated when we have dependents that need our monthly paycheck to survive. I pray that all those who need employment will hear positive news soonest.

I pray there’ll find favor in all the places they have submitted their applications. I pray that those who are in the position to decide on their employment will not bypass them. Please bless them with knowledge of the job, calmness, and confidence so that they’ll perform excellently at their various interviews. Please remove any form of bad luck or obstacle that will prevent them from making or succeeding at their interviews. 

I pray for divine favor for new graduates who are just looking to get into the labor market in search of their first professional job. Please bless them with a company that will nurture and set them on the path which you have destined for them. I pray they’ll not have to experience the unpleasantness of a terrible manager, and backbiting coworkers. Please bless them with a manager that will be committed to their growth. Please bless them with a job that will bring them joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

In your name I pray

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