The Prayer Against Cheating

Here is another blessing of protection against cheating.

Use this prayer to ask for Lady Fortuna’s help.

Lady Fortuna, thank you for the opportunity to come before and for many requests. Thank you for the gift of marriage that you have blessed me with. Thank you for the kind and loving partner you have blessed me with. Thank you for the children you have blessed us with. I’m here to plead for your mercy over my marriage and my spouse. I’m here to plead for your protection over my spouse. I’m here to plead for your strength, contentment, and courage to resist the temptation for my spouse.

I pray that my spouse will not succumb to the temptations that he/she faces daily at work. I pray they’ll never find or put themselves in situations that make it easy for them to break their vow. Please bless my spouse will a humble and kind heart so that they’ll not make irrational decisions like cheating out of anger or frustration. I pray that issues such as spouses falling out of love with their significant other will not be my portion.

I’ll always love my partner, just as they’ll always love me. I pray that you bless my spouse with great communication skills so that they’ll be able to open their heart and tell me how I can improve and meet their needs. I pray that the sexual desire that we have for each other will never die.

In your name I pray

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