The Spouse Search Prayer

Here is another blessing for those in search of a husband/wife.

Use this pray to ask for Lady Fortuna’s help

Lady Fortuna, it’s no secret to you that many people desire to enjoy this life with someone by their side. I pray that you provide a companion that would love and cherish them. I know that the realities of the current world have made people constantly hustle for their daily bread. However, I pray that when it’s time for people to choose a life partner you’ll make available people that would bring them joy and happiness.

Give them the spirit of discernment to reject and stay away from people that will make their life a living hell. I pray that the choice that they’ll make will be people that are filled with compassion, kindness, humility, and love. It would be people who share the same value as them. Finances are a major issue in marriages today. I pray that whoever they pick will have good money habits.

The guy or lady they pick will not make decisions that would cause them (and their family) to fall into debt. They will not pick anyone that still struggling with gambling addiction and is unwilling to seek help. Let every decision they make henceforth in terms of a life partner be according to the life you’ve destined for them.

In your name I pray

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