The Financial Wisdom Prayer

Here is another blessing for those who need guidance in making financial decisions.

Use this pray to ask for Lady Fortuna’s help

Lady Fortuna, I come before you to ask for wisdom in making financial decisions, an area of my life I know I’ve consistently made terrible decisions. In the past few years, you have blessed me graciously with abundance in my finances, and every other aspect of my life. However, I am worried that I’ll soon find myself in scarcity if this period of abundance is not well managed. I’m scared that I’ll make terrible investment decisions that can land me in debt or poverty.

I pray that you guide me as I make decisions that concern my finances henceforth. Bless me with financial intelligence and discernment so that I can spot opportunities that would return the best rewards when I invest in them. Bless me with wisdom to spot investment opportunities that will ruin my finances. I know those bad financial decisions can result in several health challenges such as worry, anxiety, and depression. Poor financial decisions can lead to serious marital and family squabbles that may lead to divorce or the breakup of families.

Lady Fortuna, I don’t want to experience any of these unfortunate events. Therefore I’m pleading with you to bless me with wisdom that would cause me to channel my financial resources to places that would elevate me and my family.

In your name I pray

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