The Leadership Prayer

Here is another blessing for those who care about the decisions our leaders make

Use this pray to ask for Lady Fortuna’s help

Lady Fortuna, the actions of those we have chosen to represent us at every layer of government, directly and indirectly, impact our lives in one way or the other. Their actions speak to the level of safety or protection – over our life and property – we enjoy daily. Their actions speak to the level of financial abundance that is available to us. The critical position they occupy is why I’m before you today to pray that you bless them with the knowledge and wisdom to steer this great country in the right direction.

Please bless them with the foresight to see the potential implications of every action they take. Many of the decisions our leaders take are taken with the help of advisers or aides. I pray that you bless them with advisers that are even more knowledgeable and emphatic. Bless their advisers with the courage to always challenge their bosses whenever they’re derailing from the right path. I pray that you bless our leaders with the humility to accept these corrections from their advisers.

Help them to keep their ego in check so that they’ll understand that the corrections from their advisers are not a challenge to their intellect or ability to carry out their duties but merely a process aimed at achieving the best possible outcome for the whole country. Advisers to leaders are sometimes the crack through which evildoers or corrupt entities get to our leaders. I pray for the spirit of contentment, and the willpower to resist every form of bribery that is extended towards them.

I pray that our leaders will not come in contact with greedy advisers that are only there to do the bidding of evil corporations or people who are proponents of war.

In your name I pray

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