The Gratitude for Teachers Prayer

Here is another prayer if you’re thankful for all your teachers have done for you.

Use this prayer to show your gratitude to Lady Fortuna

Lady Fortuna, I come before you to offer prayers of thanksgiving on behalf of my teachers, people whom I call my second parents. I’m certain that it would almost be impossible to be where I am today without the efforts and contributions of my teachers at every level of education that I went through. Thank you, Lady Fortuna, for using them to set me on the path you destined for me.

Thank you for using them to further instill the values of honesty, hard work, and love. Without their constant motivation and encouragement to pursue my dreams and aspirations, I would probably have given up the career path I’m on today. Regardless of the countless times I failed in tasks and assignments, they were always ready, with open arms and a warm smile to pick me up. I pray that my teachers be rewarded with every of their heart desires. I pray that their children will find favor, assistance, and love as they go about their journey.

Thank you for those teachers who disciplined me in times when I went against the right values. Through their discipline or punishment, I was quick to realize my mistakes and got back on the right path. Thank you for the teachers who through behaviors taught me forgiveness, compassion, and love. Please bless these teachers with abundance beyond their expectations. These teachers molded me – through discipline and compassion – into the man or woman I am today.

In your name I pray

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