The End of Poverty Prayer

Here is another blessing for an end to poverty.

Use this prayer to ask for Lady Fortuna’s help.

Lady Fortuna, thank you for blessing me and my family with financial abundance. Thank you for providing every single thing we need and more. I don’t take the privilege of being able to afford everything I need for granted. I know that many people are not in the privileged position I find myself in, and that is why I’m before you to plead that you bring an end to poverty around the world.

The poverty that has ravaged many parts of the world has brought with its disastrous effects on so many people. So many families cannot afford to feed once a day, so many men and women are left unemployed, and so many children are left malnourished. I know that this is not your plan for their lives, and I’m confident that you’ll change their story. I read recently that poverty affects the development of the brain of a growing child because they are likely to get exposed to drug abuse, neighborhood crime, and divorce.

Lady Fortuna, the one who always provides for her people, please come to the aid of these children. I pray for financial abundance for the parents of such children all over the world. I know that the causes of this poverty are many times out of the hands of those who suffer the effects. It is mostly caused by corrupt leaders who make decisions that have negative consequences. I pray that henceforth, leaders will make decisions that bring lasting positive benefits.

Please bless these leaders with the strength and courage to resist the temptations of bribery aimed at getting them to make decisions that favor corrupt organizations or private individuals.

In your name I pray

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