The Prayer for High Self-Esteem

Here is another blessing for high self-esteem. 

Use this prayer to ask for Lady Fortuna’s help.

Lady Fortuna, I come before you on behalf of teenagers who are suffering from low self-esteem around the world. This low self-esteem has varying consequences in their life, and these consequences can range from keeping friends, relationships and to performing badly in their academics. I pray that you bless them with the confidence of a lion. I pray you get rid of any negative thoughts in their head and replace them with thoughts that preach belief.

I know that the globalization of the world through improvement in technology has made it easier for people to communicate. However, these tools have also made it easier for these teenagers to compare their lives with the “shiny” lifestyle they see on social media sites. Please bless them with the knowledge that “not everything that glitters are gold”.

Help them to understand that people only post the good part of their lives on social media. Help them to understand that – in many cases – they might be comparing the beginning of their lives with the peak of other people’s lives. Help them to understand that all hands are not equal, and everyone has been destined to walk their path. Help them to understand that you have planned great abundance for them if only they’ll stop the comparisons and face their journey.

In your name I pray

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