The Freedom From Stagnation Prayer

Here is another blessing for better job opportunities.

Use this prayer to ask for Lady Fortuna’s help.

Lady Fortuna, You know everything about me from the very day I was born into this earth. You alone know my deep desires. I come before you to plead with you to save me from career stagnation. I am confident that the stagnation I’m experiencing now is not according to the plan you have for my life. I know that you have destined me for greatness, success, abundance, and wealth. Please remove every obstacle that is preventing me from progressing in my career.

Free me from the bondage of incompetence, sickness, and retrogression.  I know that sometimes we can just be victims of being in the wrong environment. Some environments prevent people from progressing in their careers no matter how competent they are or how hard they work. Please bless me with the strength and courage to change environments (or workplaces).

Direct me to an environment where I’ll be allowed to flourish and experience abundance just as you have planned. Direct me to an environment where my skills would be fully utilized. Direct me to an environment where there are competent coworkers that will spur competition that will lead to my growth. Direct me to an environment that is genuinely interested in my career advancement. Give me the wisdom to set clearer career goals so that my path and actions to take can become clearer. Please reveal to me any habits I need to leave behind before I can progress in my career.

Is it the habit of complacency? Is it laziness? Is it procrastination? Please bless me with the strength to overcome all these negative habits. Replace these habits with habits and skills such as hardworking and time management and communication – that would put me in a better position to climb the ladder of success.

In your name I pray

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