The Job Opportunities Prayer

Here is another blessing for better job opportunities.

Use this prayer to ask for Lady Fortuna’s help.

Lady Fortuna, Thank you for giving me a thriving business that has provided so much financial abundance for me and my family. Thank you for providing the capital that was used to start up the business. Thank you for the knowledge, ideas, and wisdom that is being used to run the business. I come before you on behalf of the staff of my business.

Honestly, there is the best set of staff any business owner could ever ask for. There are very committed, and genuinely interested in seeing that the business grows. I’m thankful that my staff doesn’t harbor or exhibit fraudulent behavior. Thank you for blessing my employees with the strength and courage to resist bribery aimed at getting them to sabotage my business.

My business has continued to experience tremendous growth in customer base, revenue, and profits because of the dependable and competent staff you have blessed me with. Thank you for giving me staff that is confident in what they do. Thank you for giving me staff that possesses critical thinking and problem-solving skills. My staffs are quick to own up to their mistakes.

They never take the credit for the job of their team members and are always ready to ask for feedback from one another. Although there are competitive, there are always ready to accept defeat and criticism with enough humility. All of these positive work cultures contribute immensely to the success of my business.

In your name I pray

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