The Teachability Prayer

Here is another blessing to remain humble and teachable.

Use this prayer to ask for Lady Fortuna’s help.

Lady Fortuna, I am thankful for the love, care, and guidance you have shown to me in my endeavors from birth upon till this point in my life. I am grateful for how you have directed every decision I’ve ever taken in my career, family, friendship, and business. Thank you for the abundance and wealth you have blessed me with. I come before you this morning to ask that you make me remain teachable.

I desire to continue to grow in abundance and wealth, and for that, I need you to bless me with an open mind. Bless me with the humility to always ask for feedback in my place of work or business. I don’t want to be like closed-minded individuals who have refused to grow or multiply what you have blessed them with. Give me the grace and discernment to identify gaps in my skills or businesses, and the limitless energy to seek continuous improvement.

Help me to remember that nobody is perfect and that the only way to remain financially independent or better than average is to continuously seek to grow and improve – which can only happen when I remain teachable. Help me to keep my ego in check so that I’ll be able to respond positively to criticisms from friends. Bless me with the wisdom to pick out the criticisms that would be beneficial to my life and my career.

In your name I pray

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