The Money Confidence Prayer

Here is another blessing for money confidence. 

Use this prayer to ask for Lady Fortuna’s help.

Lady Fortuna, I come before you today to ask that you bless me with divine confidence to pursue opportunities that will bring me financial abundance. Give me the strength and courage to free myself from the captivity of fear that is keeping me from maximizing the financial opportunities you have prepared for me. I need this confidence to always go the extra mile in every money-chasing activity I engage in. I need this confidence to keep going when my business hits hard times because I know it’s only temporary. 

Sometimes financial opportunities come through the people you strategically position in our lives. I pray that you bless me with the confidence to go out and network with people. I’m tired of being the shy person who runs away from networking events where opportunities abound. I need the confidence to believe in my ability to offer something valuable to people that I meet. Please give me the confidence to be able to say NO to negative financial advice from people. Bless me with the courage and confidence to reject “get-rich-quick” schemes.

Please bless me with the drive to continue to educate myself about money and financial concepts so that I’ll continue to have confidence in future financial decisions. I pray for the strength and perseverance to create and save towards an emergency fund so that I can have the confidence to focus on other money-generating activities. 

In your name I pray

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