The Job Interview Prayer

Here is another blessing for success at job interviews.

Use this prayer to ask for Lady Fortuna’s help.

Lady Fortuna, Thank you for seeing me through school. Thank you for the strength and courage to burn the late-night candles. Thank you for the strength to resist the urge to attend parties at school rather than complete that term paper. Thank you for providing for me all through the time I was searching for a job. I come before you to ask for your help I as begin to prepare for the series of interviews I have lined up.

I pray for confidence during my interview as I face the panel of interviewers. I pray for the knowledge and understanding of every question that I’ll be asked. I know that oftentimes overconfidence which leads to a lack of adequate preparation accounts for the failure of people at interviews. I pray for the humility and strength to adequately prepare for every interview I have. I pray for the skills to adequately plan my time so that I’ll not leave any pending interviews hanging.

I pray for my schedule to be clear as the time for my interviews draws closer. I pray against any obstacle that would prevent me from attending the interviews. I pray for the confidence and calmness of mind to give consistent answers to every question the interviewers ask. Give me the wisdom to ask intelligent questions that would impress the interviewers. Please do not let anxiety and fear take over on the day of the interview. As I research the companies, please guide me towards the right information to study.

In your name I pray

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