The Freedom From Comfort Zone Prayer

Here is another blessing to escape the comfort zone.

Use this prayer to ask for Lady Fortuna’s help.

Lady Fortuna, Good morning! I come before you today to ask for your help in leaving my comfort zone. I am tired of remaining in this zone and not achieving anything. I’m tired of suffering from a lack of abundance. I’m tired of not having an eventful life. I know that the financial abundance you have promised me is out of the reach of my comfort zone. That is why I’m pleading with you to bless me with the courage and strength to leave this zone that has denied me so many financial opportunities.

The inability to leave my comfort zone, and to talk to strangers has prevented me from making life-changing networks at work or events. The comfort I have with sticking to myself has prevented me from building a network of friends that can call my name whenever financial opportunities are involved. Rid me of the fear of the unknown that is crippling my ability to talk to others. The convenience I get from my comfort zone has prevented me from taking more risks.

The certainty of success I get in my comfort zone, and the fear of failure I have, if I take more risks, have prevented me from venturing into businesses that had the potential of doubling my wealth. Please bless me with the strength and courage to make the difficult decisions that will expose me to opportunities for more financial abundance. Bless me with the courage to start that business I’ve always wanted to start, and the clarity and knowledge to run it profitably. Bless me with the courage to change career paths and pursue that dream job that has the potential of doubling my wealth.

In your name I pray

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