The Prayer To Achieve Your Full Potential

Here is another blessing for achieving your full potential.

Use this prayer to ask for Lady Fortuna’s help.

Lady Fortuna, I come before you with a heavy heart to ask that you intervene in my life. I am not happy with the direction my life is heading. I strongly believe that I am underachieving. I am unhappy because I know I am not utilizing the talents you have blessed me with. I know am destined for greatness but right now I’m too ordinary. I know I am destined to be wealthy and financially independent. I am just coasting through life with no real drive or purpose.

Please come to my aid so that I can begin each morning with the drive to achieve my full potential. Please me with clarity to navigate this world that is filled with so much distraction. I know that to achieve my potential, I need to know what my goals are or where I am going. Help me to discover my purpose because a man without a purpose has nothing at all. I pray that you’ll bless me with the wisdom and understanding to draft goals and a roadmap that is clear and unambiguous, and in line with my purpose.

Bless me with the wisdom and clarity to plan for what is important in achieving my full potential. Bless me with the discernment to always come up with plans filled with achievable and realistic goals. Bless me with a positive attitude in everything I do. Achieving my full potential is difficult if I have a negative attitude or poor perception of myself. I pray for confidence in my abilities. Give me the grace to always forgive myself whenever I make mistakes. I pray for the spirit of discernment to identify areas where I am lacking, and the courage and strength to seek help and improvement in those areas.

In your name I pray

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