The Freedom from Greed Prayer

Here is another blessing for breaking free from greed

Use this prayer to ask for Lady Fortuna’s help.

Lady Fortuna, I am heavy-hearted with an issue that is slowing my growth, and my ability to grow my wealth. I don’t have the strength to get rid of the selfish desire to get more money and other niceties of life. While this desire started simply as me being ambitious, it has degenerated into greed. I am no longer content with the abundance you have made available for me. My decisions have increasingly become clouded by this desire that has led to a lot of terrible decisions.

Please bless me with the strength to get rid of greed so that I’ll no longer lose close friendships that have brought me so many financial opportunities. Finding people to trust when conducting business is hard to find. Please save me from the spirit of greed so that I’ll show more concern and love for my friends and business partners. The spirit of greed has driven many of my business partners and friends away. The spirit of greed is making me isolated from networks of people and opportunities for financial abundance.

Help me to gain their trust back so that I can gain the financial abundance you have – through them – blessed me with. Please bless me with the spirit of contentment so greed will not cause me to cheat people financially, and create enemies.

In your name I pray

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