The Money Wisdom Prayer

Here is another blessing for making good money decisions

Use this prayer to ask for Lady Fortuna’s help.

Lady Fortuna, I come before you today to ask for two things. The first is the ability to make more money, and the second is the wisdom and knowledge to sustain and grow the money you have blessed me with. I’m tired of being at the same income level I was many years ago. I’m tired of the inability to afford the basic comforts of life. I’m tired of struggling to pay for my mortgage.

Please bless me with the courage to go in search of opportunities that would increase my earning potential. I know that sometimes the financial abundance you have promised is outside our comfort zone. I pray that henceforth, I’ll have the courage, strength, and perseverance to bear the discomfort that comes with going outside my comfort zone. I pray that every business decision I make concerning my business will lead to an explosion of my customer base and revenue.

Bless me with the initiative and courage to take on more risks as I look to expand my business operations. Bless me with the initiative and strength to learn high-income skills that will triple my earning potential in my workplace or as I search for new opportunities. I know there are thousands of (legal) ways to make more money but I want you to direct me to the best way that will suit my strengths and talents.

Growing and sustaining wealth is probably easier than making money because the temptation to spend lavishly on needless things increases as the money comes. I pray for the strength and wisdom to save a large chunk of my money as they come. Bless me with the intellect to utilize the available technological ways to make my savings automatic. I don’t want my story to be like those who were once rich but became poor due to poor saving habits. I don’t my story to be like celebrities who – through their reckless spending habits – went back to being poor.

In your name I pray

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