The Academic Success Prayer

Here is another blessing for success in academics.

Use this prayer to ask for Lady Fortuna’s help.

Lady Fortuna, I come before you on behalf of students who are currently in college, striving hard to get that college degree. College life is not easy. College life comes with so much pressure that students have to deal with daily. For many students, they have to deal with the deadline of course work, and at the same time work part-time to pay either part of their tuition or monthly bills.

All of these can lead to stress which in the long run leads to anxiety, worry, and depression. I pray that you come to the aid of these students. Please save them from burnout and depression. I pray for the skills to effectively manage their time between work and school so that their grades won’t suffer at the expense of their part-time work. I pray that all their hard work will be rewarded with the excellent grades they deserve.

I pray for the knowledge and wisdom to ace all their course works and examinations. Please save them from the spirit of laziness and procrastination that can prevent them from taking their academics seriously. Give them the courage and strength to resist the temptation of engaging in activities – such as drugs parties – that that can derail them from the path you have destined for them. I pray that all relationships – platonic and romantic – that they engage in will not affect their academics negatively.

Breakups from relationships often affect the academics of teenagers and young adults negatively. I pray for the strength to withstand any form of breakup that might want to derail them from the excellent academic path you have set for them.

In your name I pray

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