The Protection Prayer

Here is another blessing for protection against negative peer pressure.

Use this prayer to ask for Lady Fortuna’s help.

Lady Fortuna, Good morning. Thank you for another opportunity to be alive, and share your goodness and positive energy. I come before on behalf of everyone that is suffering from negative peer pressure. I’m here on behalf of those who are so low on self-esteem that they’ve resulted in following whatever their peers say in order to belong. I come before you on behalf of the children and teenagers who have had to endure social rejection because of their resistance to (negative) peer pressure.

I pray that you grant them relief from their burden. I pray that all the children and teenagers who are suffering from low self-esteem will be visited with divine confidence and love for themselves. This need to belong has led many teenagers to engage in risky behaviors such as bullying, doing drugs, or drinking alcohol. These acts have in the long run impacted their future negatively. I pray that you forgive them of their past transgressions.

I pray that you bless them with a mind of their own. Please bless them with the strength and courage to say NO to their peers who seek to take advantage of them. I pray that you bless them with friends and peers who will pressure them positively to take their studies seriously. I pray that you bless them with a social circle that is committed to being kind and loving to themselves and others.

In your name I pray

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