The Unexpected Money Prayer

Here is another blessing for unexpected money. 

Use this prayer to ask for Lady Fortuna’s help.

Lady Fortuna, I know that nothing is impossible for you to do. That is why I’m before you to ask that you bless me with sudden financial abundance. I’m in a tight spot and you’re the only one I can run to for help. I pray that a miracle of unexpected financial blessings is my portion. I pray that I’ll be in the right place at the right time to access these unexpected financial blessings.

Please forgive me for every mistake, and rid me of any habit or behavior that will prevent me from enjoying the unexpected money you have kept in store for me. I pray that every opportunity I might have lost due to these habits be restored. I pray that no door of financial blessings will be shut to me.

Financial blessings will locate me wherever I am at any time. I pray against making any decisions that will shut the door to unexpected financial blessings. I pray I’ll not make any decisions that will chase the helpers you have stationed in my life to deliver your blessings to me. I pray that unexpected financial blessings will not be a one-off, but a regular occurrence in my life.

I pray that when this unexpected money comes, I’ll make judicious use of it. I pray that increasing my savings and emergency funds will be the first actions I take when this unexpected money arrives. Please bless me with the restraint and strength to resist spending this unexpected money on frivolities and liabilities. 

In your name I pray

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