The Gratitude for Parents Prayer

Here is another prayer if you’re thankful for all your parents have done for you.

Use this prayer to show your gratitude to Lady Fortuna

Lady Fortuna, today’s prayer is special because it’s for special people, my parents or superheroes like I always call them. There’s too much to thank you for about my parents but I’m going to try to keep it short. Although I have my own family now and live far from home, my superheroes are still in the habit of performing their duties as parents. I thank you for their lives because all that I am today would not have been possible without the moral, emotional, and financial investments they invested – and are still investing in my life.

They are forever there to guide me whenever I hit a brick wall about certain decisions. I thank you for my superheroes because the value of “family first” which they taught me and my siblings is what has helped me to gradually build a lovely family of my own. I pray for my father who albeit retired now still wakes up early to engage in the work he does to keep himself busy. I pray that the work he has decided to engage in to keep busy will bring him fulfillment and happiness.

Please bless me so that I can repay him for all that he has done in my life. I pray for abundant and limitless joy for my mother. My mother has seen me at my lowest. She’s quick to forgive me no matter how many mistakes I make. Please bless her with peace of mind and abundance. I pray for sound and perfect health for my parents as they get older.

I pray that the love that has seen them grow old together in times of abundance and famine will never be weak. Illnesses such as depression, amnesia, loneliness, etc. that are associated with old age will never be their portion.

In your name I pray

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