The End to Terrorism Prayer

Here is another blessing for an end to terrorism. 

Use this prayer to ask for Lady Fortuna’s help.

Lady Fortuna, I come before you to pray for an end to terrorism all over the world. It has led to so much destruction to lives and properties in several countries of the world. So many children have been made orphans, wives turned to widows, and husbands to widowers. So many families have been made displaced and homeless in their own country, and so many parents have been rendered childless.

I pray for the destruction of these mindless killers who derive joy from the destruction of innocent people. I pray that the military in my country will successfully defeat every one of these killers. In many cases, these terrorists are secretly funded by influential and wealthy individuals who are driven by evil ideologies that bring nothing but destruction. I pray that these individuals will be exposed and persecuted.

I pray that these funders of terrorists will not know peace until their evil plans have been completely exposed. I pray for renewed knowledge and strategies for our intelligence agencies so that these individuals will be exposed no matter where they hide. These terrorist sponsors sometimes have agents in these government intelligence agencies who protect them from capture. I pray that every one of those double agents will be exposed and captured alongside their sponsors.

In your name I pray

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