The Successful Surgery Prayer

Here is another blessing for a successful surgery. 

Use this prayer to ask for Lady Fortuna’s help.

Lady Fortuna, thank you for the gift of life. Thank you for good health. Thank you for healing. I come before you today to commit all those who are about to go through one form of surgery or the other into your hands. Thank you for providing the financial resources to pay for the surgery. I pray that the only result of the surgery will be that of success.

I pray that the doctors in charge of the operation will not make any mistake that will lead to the death of any patient. I pray that you restore healing to the patients through the hands of the surgeons/doctors. I pray that every decision that the surgeons will make will be directed by you. Please bless the surgeons with peace of mind and steady hands as they go into the theater. I pray that all those who will be assisting the surgeon will not make any mistake as they discharge their duties.

I pray that they’ll not be victims of institutional inefficiency or mistakes. I pray that no equipment in the theater will malfunction or misfire on the day of the surgery. I pray that the surgery will be the final solution to whatever sickness the patient is going through. I pray against after-surgery complications that will lead to other health problems. 

In your name I pray

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