The Successful Husband Prayer

Here is another blessing calling for the success and progression of the husband. Husbands go through a lot to provide for the family.

Use this prayer to ask for Lady Fortuna’s help.

Good morning! I come before you to say a few words for my better half – my beloved husband. I thank you for bringing such a lovely, determined, gentle, caring, and handsome man into my life. He has been an understanding and supportive partner to me and a compassionate and loving father to our children. I pray he will not make any decision that would lead to the disruption of our lives as a family.

I pray that everything he invests his time and effort in will lead to enormous success. Please keep failure and chaos far away from him. I pray that the love, care, and support that he has shown this family will not stop. Above all, I pray that he finds fulfillment in his work. And if he no longer finds it please give him the strength and courage to seek such fulfillment somewhere else.

In your name I pray

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